Interactive Web Design Blog 2/10/15: Narrative

Jackie, a young adult just moving into the East Lansing area, walks into the Collegeville Reinvisioned exhibit in the Broad Art Museum. She's sees each of the designer's visions of what East Lansing could look like in 2030, but can't envision it in the space realistically. It seems to be a bunch of dreamlike conceptual scenarios. Then she sees a sign for a phone app to download related to the exhibit.  Jackie is much more intrigued by the possibilities of this app than the information in the museum. After downloaded, the app presents a map of 3 different locations highlighted around East Lansing. She walks to the closest destination and the app narrows into one location, showing the space surrounding her, with the option to view it 50 years in the past and the mocked-up possibility of the future in 2030 based on the designers' visions in the exhibit. Jackie can then get a new perspective and be able to agree that there should definitely be a skate park across from the Union. Or the social media aspects of the app could allow her to comment with her own ideas for the space. Maybe she thinks the space could really use a parking structure or shopping center. She can leave her opinion and view the ideas of others that have been to the same space. 

In another scenario, Brad, a current MSU student, is walking through campus and sees signs set up in different locations on campus and in East Lansing. The signs tempt him to download an app that will allow him to see the space in the past and future. Curious, he downloads the app and gets excited by what he says. However, he wants to know more information. Who came up with this idea? Why would they put plants on top of that building? Or what is the point of adding another football center? To learn more he is pushed by the app and sign to visit the Broad, where each designer explains in detail the changes and reasons of the vision. 

UURAF Draft Abstract

Beyond the Museum: Enhancing the Post-Exhibit Experience

The interactive experience with work in a museum is very limited to the point that it is increasingly unnecessary to visit a museum at all. In understanding the work to a greater extent, a viewer needs to consider and discuss it beyond the walls of the museum or computer screen. In researching this idea, I visited the East Lansing 2030 exhibit at the Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum, documenting the experience before, during, and after my visit. The nature of the work presents a perfect opportunity to allow viewers to continue the discussion into the city of East Lansing. With this intent, I will present a design for a mobile app. At specific locations users would find a sign directing them to use their app, presenting a visual display of the space they are in, and what designers envision it to look like in 2030. By physically being in the space, visitors can gain a better perspective on the proposed changes to it. Additionally, the app would include an interactive element, where visitors could comment on changes they would like to see for the space or aspects they like in a designer's vision.

Interactive Web Design Blog 1/30/15: Form of Interactive Project

Augmented Reality- vision of East Lansing in 2030 appears/comes to life when you hold your phone to either an image in the museum or a part of the city.  

Submit your own proposals, ideas, or drawings for what you want to see for East Lansing in 2030 on the Broad's Facebook page or during your museum visit.

A blog or page on the website looking at pictures of East Lansing in the past, comparing them to the present, and the possibilities of the future in the exhibit. 

Interactive Web Design Blog 1/27/15: Research


age: 36

gender: male

occupation: accountant

about/interests: comes to the Broad on a Sunday afternoon for entertainment, dedicated to his job, enjoys racquetball, plays the cello in his free time


age: 20

gender: female

occupation: student, packaging major

about/interests: comes to the Broad for a class assignment, volleyball, reading, partying


This tumblr has images and explanations from each of the designers in the the exhibition, to give visitors extra information either before or after their visit to the museum. 

Interactive Web Design Blog 1/18/15: Museum Exhibit

The East Lansing 2030: Collegeville Reinvisioned exhibit 

- map on floor leading you around the room

- different types of media used to display maps, ideas, and plans for the future of East Lansing: lights, wood mock-ups, wire, screens

- books about urban design add an interactive element to the exhibit to educate visitors more on the purpose of the work