Outsourcing In Your Business: What and When

October 6, 2018

October 6, 2018


When you have an idea for a business and are in the beginning stages of figuring that all out, it’s exciting to dive in to every aspect yourself. And I think that’s exactly what you should do if you’re trying to be cost conscious. Just not what you should do forever.

The beginning of your business is the time when you have the energy and the drive to hustle and the time when you really just need to figure out what this thing is. The first time working through it you might waver a bit on who your target audience is, or find yourself a little indecisive when it comes to getting into the details of what exactly it is you’re offering. The best, most cost effective way to truly figure that all out is to work through it in order to make those decisions.

Then, you can take a step back and see what’s not quite in line. There are probably some decisions you made at the beginning that don’t really fit with your view of the business towards the end, but through this process you can realize that before paying anyone. Read all about copywriting and write every page of your website yourself. Use a template to design it. Just get all the pieces done.

Then, comes the exciting part. Refinement and growth. This is when your business transforms from functioning to thriving and where the experts come in. 

After you’ve gone though the maze of finding the true essence of your business, you’ve lived with that for a while, and you’re ready to grow, you’ll be able to better communicate that brand essence to someone who can really run with it. Your designer will now have a clear direction for your logo and website, meaning they can create work that will really have an impact on your goals.



Now’s the time to figure out what you need to outsource and what aspects you can potentially refine on your own. Eventually you can outsource more and more of your business, but I would start by considering what aspects have an immediate impact on your success and make those a top priority. Here are my top suggestions:

Graphic Designer | Obvious I’d say this, I know, but I’ve seen DIY design done so wrong that I feel strongly about this being a top priority. It is such a forward-facing aspect of your brand that if it doesn’t look professional people won’t even begin to trust your business.

Copywriter | This is a big one that I’m working towards hiring in my own business. While anyone can simply write, it might take a professional to write incredibly effective copy that will actually convert to clients.

Photographer | This one goes hand in hand with hiring a designer. If your brand and website are heavy on photos, whether they are photos of the interior of your store, your food, or you delivering your services, they have to be high quality. A bad unappetizing photo of a burger is not going make people want to eat it. And the same applies to any other type of business.

Social Media/SEO | If social media is your thing, great. Maybe you don’t need this, but not everyone realizes how in depth these tools can go and what you might be missing out on. Even if your insta likes are just rolling in, that doesn’t necessarily mean those followers are buying. Through your website, Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook there are so many platforms that can be working for your business so you might want to hire someone to help you take advantage, especially when it comes to the more technical SEO strategies.

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