4 cute ways to “propose” to your bridesmaids

1. Bring the bubbly 

What better way to pop the question to your bestie than with champagne so there’s no delay in celebratory drinks. 

2. appeal to her sweet tooth

Whether it’s a donut, cupcake, chocolates, what girl can say no to sweets? Pairing a card with your treat is a sweet simple way to ask her to be by your side. 

3. sleepover box

Throw it back to the early days of your friendship with all the fun you need for a sleepover. Throw in some face masks, nail polish, candy, popcorn, a rom com (Bridesmaids, maybe?).

4. self care kit

Who isn’t about self care these days? Wedding season isn’t only stressful for the bride, so give your girls a chance to relax with everything they need for a good spa day. Think bath bombs, a candle, and face masks.  

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