1 Simple way to make your customers feel like family and uplevel your business this holiday season

Send holiday cards customized to your business. 

Build a relationship.

Make your clients feel like part of the family with a holiday card that doesn’t feel sales-y or business-like. You’re not trying to sell, but rather build a relationship and higher level of trust so when you do go to sell they will happily show up. This time of year is associated with such joy that when you tie your brand to that they’ll be more likely to subconsciously think of you in a happy way. 

talk to your specific audience. 

You know your client better than anyone so being able to talk to them like you truly know them adds that personal touch. Your clients are getting templated cards from family members so imagine how blown away they’ll be if you put in the effort to show you really care about them with a unique card.

Tie in your brand. 

While these should definitely have a holiday, cheerful feel that is in no way corporate, it’s still important to seamlessly incorporate your branding. This doesn’t mean slapping your logo on the back. Custom cards allow your designer to create something that is completely in line with your brand feel, with elements like brand colors, fonts, and illustration styles. 

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