4 Reasons to go custom in your stationary

There are endless templates available basically anywhere you look and some are probably made by legit designers, but if you’re not making every wedding decision based on what everyone else is doing, then you might want to consider custom invitations. 

1. show your story

Your wedding day should be all about you as a couple so incorporating illustrations that show your story can really make your designs unique. Incorporating key moments and interests, like how you two met, where you got engaged, or activities you love doing together, can bring so much more impact and sentiment into your invitations. No one will have a wedding like yours because no one shares your special story. Show that.

2. reflect your personality

Who said a wedding has to be a serious affair in a hotel ballroom with white roses and all your parents’ friends if you’re more of a bubbly, colorful, adventurous type. There’s not one way to have a wedding, with more and more weddings going non-traditional and featuring anything from alternative venues to blush bridal gowns. So there’s no reason your invitations have to follow tradition either. In fact, it might feel odd if you do. If you’re having a fun, colorful rooftop wedding, classically neutral-colored calligraphic invitations might seem out of place. Custom invitations can reflect your personality, not everyone else's getting married this year. 

3. Perfectly match your style

If you could sum up the look of your wedding in one place it’s your invitations. They can show your wedding colors, level of formality, location, and overall vibe you’re going to bring to your big day. This is a guest’s first impression of the tone of your wedding so help them understand what to expect. 

4. Just the details you want for your day

With custom invitations you aren’t locked into a word count or specific details to provide. Maybe you want to include a fun vote for a wedding song, or need to inform guests of a special get-together following the reception. You can include (or exclude) anything and any wording you want. 

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