8 ways to bring your invite designs into your wedding day

Besides the fact that you won’t have to reach out to 10 different vendors for each of these pieces, working with your invitation designer for day-of designs brings that added touch of customization to your wedding. With custom designs you can easily incorporate that same creative used in your invites on your day-of pieces, creating a totally unified look. 

1. signage

When a guest enters your venue they’ll be able to immediately recognize your wedding when the welcome sign has the same personal monogram that was on your invites. Plus you can avoid any confusion for guests when you provide signs for directions, the gift table, or an order of events, all created with your wedding look. 

2. vow books

Rather than scribbling your vows on a scrap of printer paper, write them in a personally branded book that you can hold onto forever as a keepsake. 

3. program

During that time that your guests are seated waiting for your big entrance, they’re going to be looking at this program. There’s so many possibilities for this piece with your custom art. Maybe you want to include a fun story of your first date or the proposal story. This is a great opportunity to entertain guests and bring in another personal touch. 

4. table numbers

Be sure one of the central pieces your guests see on the dinner table is purposefully designed and ties into your look. 

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5. name cards

Name cards can be done in so many different ways, whether they are simply placed on the table or a beautifully designed wall at the entrance. This piece is open to any possibility you can think of.  

6. menu/bar menu

Like the the table numbers and name cards, imagine this third piece on your plate or at the bar, completely unifying your decor with a consistent personalized look. 

7. guest book

Make this piece timeless, with your personal couple monogram and illustrated story, so you’ll love looking back at it or displaying it in your home. 

8. Gift Favors

Gift favors can basically be anything you want and can completely round out your branded guest experience as a piece they’ll experience even after your big day.


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