milly grey movement // corrective exercise specialist / fitness professional / lululemon ambassador

Through Milly Grey Movement's branding and web design, I wanted to create a space that gives Liz's audience a sense of the personal, safe, educational experience they’ll have when they work with her. Her clients need to feel understood and at ease before even booking her for a private session. Through the website, they’ll know that she is about so much more than just postpartum fitness – she's about education and helping women understand their constantly changing bodies.

While designing her logos, branding, and website, I tried to strike the perfect balance between luxurious and playful. I created the logo with typography that felt unique, but refined in order to capture her audience with those special touches and the beauty in it’s simplicity.

To create a warm, inviting brand I pulled colors that feel rich, friendly, and airy. I love for the brand color palette and photography to feel cohesive so I was very intentional in my art direction for the photoshoot. 

And I loved conceptualizing the photography for the MGM brand. I focused on highlighting and celebrating a woman’s body, just as Liz does in her business. With the talented photographer, Andrew Glatt, we captured beautiful lines and curves that create a gorgeous, organic flow throughout the site. We also dove deeper into the idea of  these organic lines, by further distorting them with the reflection of a mirror. I think conceptually this also ties in to the distorted and confusing perspective a woman has of her own changing body through pregnancy and postpartum. 

For the website, I combined clean, contemporary layouts with this layered artistic photography to create a look that feels refreshing and professional.

Photography by Andrew Glatt.
Mockups from Moyo Studio.