udyāna yoga

While designing the branding for Udyana Yoga, a boutique studio centered in nature and purpose, I wanted to create an identity that represents the light, open, rooted aspects of the practice.

As a self-proclaimed fitness enthusiast, designing the branding for a fitness studio has been a dream of mine. So rather than waiting for someone to come along and ask for it, I decided to listen to the nagging ideas that came to me after every yoga class and design my own studio brand. 

Living in an urban area I love the idea of reconnecting with the centering aspects of nature. Which is why I envisioned a yoga studio that brings natural elements into the city through things like natural light, wood flooring, maybe a wall of greenery. I know I'd practice there exclusively if that existed here in Chicago. 

With this concept I created the brand, udyāna yoga. In sanskrit udyāna means both garden and purpose, two ideas that I think perfectly encompass my vision for this studio. That idea of purpose and intention going into a yoga class has been what has really connected me with the practice. 

After narrowing in on the concept, I began brainstorming mood words and looking through fonts. I decided I want the brand (and therefore the typeface in the logo) to feel lifted, yet rooted, emanating balance, energy, extension, and an openness. With each word I explored what that would mean for the design elements of a font. 

In creating the logo and and typography of the brand I played off the accent over the "a" and carried that line element throughout. Overall I wanted to design an identity that potential clients and yogis could connect with and take on as they became a part of the studio tribe.