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The alumni association partnered with the uw bookstore to sell their products to alumni through a new online store. To separate ourselves I wanted to take transform the products from lounge and tailgate attire and present them to our audience in a more upscale way.

To do this we set up a photoshoot and paired the products with other fashionable pieces. Utilizing our position as the exclusive online retailer for alumni, I designed the site to incorporate archival imagery from the UW to bring in nostalgia and connect with our alumni audience. The overall design includes large, impactful images, and a clean layout to bring it inline with other retailers alumni commonly shop.

As the creative lead on this project, aside from the website design, I also art directed and planned out the styling for the photoshoots. To help bring the clothes to another level I paired t-shirts with statement necklaces and pencil skirts, and layered them with a vest or sweater. I also planned locations for the shoot to cohesively tie the archival imagery into the site.

Photography by Audre Rae