Simplify wedding planning: rethink the order of your wedding to-do list

Wedding planning might as well be called your year (or so) of decisions and to-do’s. Some people love the process, some hate it, but however you feel we could all use a hack into increased productivity in this season of our lives. This is why I think we need to take a new approach at the order of our wedding to-do list. 

There’s no denying that the first step is going to be creating a rough guest list. This informs how intimate or big and extravagant your day will be and helps you pick a venue (step 2). That third step, though, could be a game changer in the normal sequence. 

Many people will find some pieces here and there for engagement party invites and thank you’s, and then find a template somewhere online for a save the date, pick out bridesmaid colors, and flowers, and table settings, and not think about invitations and day-of designs until a few months before the wedding. But at that point you’ve made all these separate decisions, rather than just one that informs all the others. 

If you’re working with a custom designer for your wedding, start early. A designer can essentially create a style guide for your wedding so deciding what color flowers or bridesmaids dresses you use isn’t such a daunting task. By working with your designer you can figure out the style of your wedding, a color scheme, level of formality, etc. All of those pieces need to be known for the invitations so you might as well establish it early in a comprehensive, intentional way. Plus, then you can just go through one person for all of your design needs, from save the dates, to bridal shower invites, to invitations, to day-of designs, to thank you notes. 

Let’s un-complicate this process. 

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