So whether I’m working at a coffee shop sporting my favorite post-yoga athleisure, or sweating it out at your workout class, you can bet I’m dreaming up intentional concepts that attract your dream client.

And since there's a pretty good chance I am your target client, this collaboration will be a breeze. 

Basically the only reason I'm not constantly moving my body is to allow time for my other passion: design. Just like you, I’ve aspired to work in an industry I love. One that energizes me rather than one that wears me down.

And as I thrive on this creative work, I get to help others do the same, freeing you up to spend less time on design and more on the roles that actually fuel you.

I’m a Chicago-based brand and web designer, obsessed with movement of all kinds.

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During the first 18 years of my life I spent my free time in art lessons and as many sports practices as my parents could tolerate taking me to. Going into college I discovered graphic design as the career trajectory that could also act as my creative outlet. And when I took that graphic design degree to a real job and adult life without school-organized sports, I found group fitness. 

After years of enjoying the two separately, I realized that bridging my passion for movement and design was just the niche I needed in my business. Now, I've found so much fulfillment in creating brands and websites for the most inspiring professionals in the fitness and wellness community.



Christie is a problem solver- she wanted to find out what my business needs are, who I cater to, and how she could help me reach those people in an organized and visually pleasing way.