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Madison > Europe > Chicago


I’m a Chicago-based graphic designer and illustrator, obsessed with peanut butter, Keds, and lakes.

Just like you, I’ve aspired to work in an industry I love. One that energizes me rather than wear me down.

And as I thrive on this creative work, I get to help others do the same, freeing you up to spend less time on design and more on the roles that actually fuel you.

So whether I’m working at a coffee shop sporting my favorite post-yoga athleisure, or sketching out on a patio soaking up every bit of summer Chicago will give me, you can bet I’m dreaming up intentional concepts that attract your dream client.

So let’s team up to create a brand that matches the awesome potential of your idea. 




that are fun

chicago triathlon

top item on the bucket list:

(read: NOT an Iron Man- trying to keep things fun around here)


Food Obsession: 

Spread directly on to a banana. On pancakes with syrup. Apples (obviously). Burgers. S’mores…developing a peanut allergy might be my biggest fear.

6/5/19 update:
I've been told I have a peanut intolerance...send help


Gold Medal in

My legs and feet are essentially one giant bruise in the summer.


Endless hours spent in the back of the car with my family encouraged my travel bug early on. Now, Al and I are quitting our jobs in Madison for a 3-month adventure through Europe before moving to Chicago! 

professional road tripper >

Midwest best

As a true midwesterner, lakes are my happy place. There’s something about the long winters that make you really appreciate sun-filled summer days spent on a boat or at a beach for hours on end.


more of the story

Quitting my 8-5, traveling Europe for three months, and moving from Madison to Chicago!

leaving madison