Website refinement

bring in a professional design eye to take your website from 90 to 100. 

  • element spacing
  • color choice and placement
  • font consistency and styling
  • a specific section that's not working
  • strategic user flow
  • adjustments for better conversion

Find relief, clarity, and confidence in your website. 

Through 1:1 design work and strategic recommendations, this session will address the "little" things that make your website brag-worthy. 

how it works

I'll record and send a video talking through the updates and any other design changes I'd suggest going forward.


Fill out the form below letting me know what areas of your site you'd like me to look at and refine.


Share access to your website building account and I will make adjustments or recommendations to improve the design and functionality.


$200 / session

60 minute session

video recap + strategic recommendations

one week turnaround

Fill out the form below to book your refinement session.

Read the FAQ's

frequently asked questions

What if I need more work done after the hour-long session?

I'll do as much as I can during the hour, but may not be able to to address every page or every element in one session, depending on the amount of refinement needed, the number of pages on your website, and the length of those pages.

However, after every session, I will give you strategic recommendations so you'll have a clear idea of how to make any further updates on your own or you can book another session with me.

It all depends on your specific website's needs!

Do you work on Wix or other website platforms?

No, I'm most familiar with Showit and Squarespace so I stick to those, but I'd be happy to recommend other designers to you who specialize in other platforms.

Do we need to get on a zoom call?

Nope! In this session I'll be working directly on your website, rather than chatting about it. That hour is all yours to work on other areas of your business (or even relax!).