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But it can be frustrating to feel like your website isn’t representing that amazing value you offer.

As an entrepreneur in the fitness space, I know you truly care about your clients and are proud (as you should be!) of the immense value you provide them. 

And no matter how much time you spend on it, you still don’t feel fully confident when you think about potential clients visiting your site (or lack thereof).

The good news is, Your website CAN represent the amazing business you’re building

Enter, Fit-Pro Launch Lab

all the time spent spinning your wheels

second guessing your decisions

fighting with a template that doesn't meet your needs

or going all in on a custom project too soon


Christie gave me all the tools to create a professional and polished branding strategy and website that has launched me into the next level of my business. I now feel more confident and empowered to market my services knowing that my branding represents me and the quality of my work.

The Fit-Pro Launch Lab completely transformed my brand!


sports performance RD

The program has taken my website from unpolished and sad, to professional and ready to launch my new online platform. Christie was so supportive and helpful throughout the whole process. If you are looking to transform your business online, this program is for you.

I feel so empowered knowing I can tweak or update my website on my own.


pilates instructor

Website Templates

You’ll have access to every website template (and any added in the future). So you can mix and match pages as much as you’d like. Check out the templates.

What's Included


We’ll cover how to customize your Showit website, establish your brand, and so much more. Check out each of the modules below.


Ask questions, stay updated on news within the program, and share those website launches that I know you’ll be proud of. 

Workbooks & resources

From logo templates to photoshoot prep to brand workbooks, the resource library goes beyond basic tutorials.

Guest Workshops

Guest experts cover topics more in depth, like copywriting, SEO, marketing strategy, legal, and anything else you need to know. 

A professional touch where you ACTUALLY need it:

1:1 Refinement Session

With 3 hours of design work I’ll help you put the finishing touch on your site so you can hit publish with confidence.

This program will not only give you the tools to create a website that attracts your dream clients, but also teach and empower you to understand your brand and how to continue creating designs on your own.

And because this program and every website template was designed with fitness professionals in mind, every element is catered directly to your needs.

Skills & knowledge that empower you to tap into your creativity


Module 01: Brand Foundation

Before creating any content or jumping into your website template, we’ll start with the foundation of your brand, including your core values & vision, recognizing your target audience, and selecting your color palette and fonts. 

Module 03: Customizing Your Showit Template

In this module I’ll share screen recorded tutorials to walk you through the functionality and editing tools inside of Showit and how you’ll be able to customize your template, including how to integrate fitness-specific platforms (class schedules, on-demand, etc). 

Module 05: Publishing Your Site

We’ll walk through the exciting last step to launch your site, including how to add SEO, test the site, and connect your domain. 

Guest Workshops

I don’t pretend to be an expert in everything so I’ll be bringing in other experts to cover some topics a bit more in depth, like copywriting, SEO, business legal, and anything else you need to know. 

Module 02: Website Content

We’ll cover tips for writing your website copy and capturing dynamic on-brand photos. Tackling these elements separate from the site will make your website customization a breeze.

Module 04: Design Tips

This is where we take your website from DIY to high-end. I’ll share the small changes that make the biggest difference when it comes to the design of your website or any other brand graphics.

Module 06: Share & Promote Your Launch

I’m confident you’ll be so proud of your new site, you’ll be dying to share it. Which is why I’ve created some instagram templates for this purpose.

find clarity in the process


You get access to the full collection of website templates in the Fit-Pro Launch Lab so you can mix and match pages and sections to fit your needs. 

The template Collection

For the wellness blogger and podcast host.

Learn More



For the fit-pro keeping it passive with on-demand classes.

Learn more
learn more

For the fit-pro with live classes, events, and services.


Learn more

For the personal trainer and wellness pro with a service-based business.


learn more

For the fit-pro with live classes, events, and services.


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For the fit-pro with live classes, events, and services.


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For the adventurous, retreat-loving fitness pro.


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For the fit-pro with a side of e-commerce. 

Shop Page

Learn more

A quick-to-set-up page to have live while you're working on the rest of the full website.

Landing page

learn more

For the runner or triathlete to share their proud PR's and blog about their race experiences.

PR Page


Responsive layouts optimized for both mobile and desktop

expertly crafted

Same strategic and refined design of a custom site


Drag and drop functionality with no coding required


Pages and layouts designed specifically for your industry

take a tour

of the FPLL client portal

My brand and website looks so clean, professional, and feels authentic to me, and she made me feel supported along the way. If you want to take your business and website up a notch and have the support of a talented designer - look no further than Christie!

I'm so grateful for what Christie was able to do for my business that would have taken me years to master all on my own.


social media consultant

Christie has a wealth of knowledge and having access to her, and the community she has created made me feel super supported throughout the whole journey! I would definitely recommend FPLL to any fit pro looking to elevate their brand, and grow their business!

I now have a really strong base to grow my business!


pilates instructor

Fit-Pro Launch Lab

signature program

6 payments of
1 payment of $1450

full template collection
resource library
1:1 refinement session

Pricing includes instant and lifetime access to the content regardless of payment plan (and no monthly subscription fees!).

if you'd prefer to buy a single website template check out the shop.

frequently asked questions

What platforms are the website templates built on?

The templates are designed in Showit, a drag and drop website building platform that allows for easy editing and complete customization. I use it to build all my client websites and they all tend to love it as well! 

How long does it typically take to launch a website?

It’s obviously a range here, but I’ve seen people complete their website anywhere from one weekend to 3-4 months. Some people love to sit down and block a big chunk of time in a coffee shop and have fun in one weekend, and some people like to add little things each day for few weeks. It totally depends on your style, but it’s definitely doable in just a few days or weeks! 

IS there an ongoing monthly cost?

Nope! You'll get lifetime access to everything in the program with no ongoing charges beyond the initial payments! I know your business and therefore website is always evolving, so it was important to me to provide continued support even after you initially launch your website. You'll be able to access all the page templates for when you want to add a new program or jump into the slack group when you have a new question.  

Should I just start with one of the templates in Showit's library?

There are SO many website templates out there that are gorgeous and created perfectly for photographers, wedding planners, etc. I’ve seen a lot of clients start with a template that was made for a photographer and have to spend a lot of time swapping out sections, pages, copy, etc. Starting your website with a FPLL template already saves you so much time because I’ve created pages specifically for YOUR schedule, on-demand library, fitness program launches, and so much more. Browse all templates here – they’re ALL included in the $1450 one-time payment!


This is why the refinement session is such a huge draw for clients of the FPLL! Not only will your website template be customized with your own photography, colors, and fonts, but I also spend time on the back end of your site to make sure it’s polished and customized to match YOUR brand – no one else's! 

if I have two businesses with two separate websites, would I be able to use the templates for both? Or would I need to make a second purchase? 

Yes, you can use the templates for multiple websites and businesses without having to make a second purchase. As long as they're both YOUR businesses it's no issue- you just can't share the templates with someone else for their business.

What do I need before getting started?

Not much other than a business! In the Fit-Pro Launch Lab I walk you through everything you'll need to launch your website, from your photoshoot, to selecting brand colors, to customizing your template.

A bit about me & FPLL

But I knew I needed to offer something more than custom services, because many fitness professionals don't actually need a fully custom website. 

However, I realized website templates alone were missing the design guidance, key to launching a successful brand and website. That's why I’m so excited to share the Fit Pro Launch Lab with you to make high-end design a bit more accessible for the solo fitpreneur. 

I’ve fallen in love with my little niche of brand and web design for fitness professionals...

I know it can be SO difficult to figure out what to prioritize in your business, especially as a small business owner with a limited team or no team at all. (And if you’re not looking to grow your business right now, then maybe it’s not the right time). But if you are, the Fit-Pro Launch Lab will SAVE you time to then spend on the other areas of your business.

But is this really the right time for you to focus on this?

This is your foundation. The piece all of your marketing builds on. 
Let’s create a strong base for your business, TOGETHER.

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