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You’ve established a solid business and you’re getting clients, but you want to create something bigger. Whether that’s expanding your studio and offerings or going all in on a brick and mortar, you know this time you’re ready to explore that magical concept of *outsourcing* so you can pass that plateau and maybe find a little free time (or even 8 hours of sleep). 

We’ve got you covered.

Agency level services, small business feel

5-15 weeks


A fitness or wellness-based business looking to raise your prices, create more impact, and invest in a custom solution.

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To offer all the services of a large-scale agency with a small business feel, I partner with trusted experts in the industry.
Meet my go-to collaborators below.

the team:

Nothing ruins a web design more than bad photography. With in-person creative guidance I'll help you get intentional photos that align with your strategy and create the best brand experience.

Trying to get as many brand and marketing tasks off your plate as possible? Work with a content marketing expert to create 3-month content plan using your established brand strategy.

Strong visual design draws clients in. Copy keeps them around. We'll work with a professional copywriter who can create concise headlines and compelling copy that resonates with your ideal audience and inspires action (aka hitting that sign up button).

With your brand identity established, it comes time to actually use the brand elements. We'll help you create anything from instagram templates to apparel designs to business cards so you can really show off your new look. 

A brand is more than a singular logo. It's the complete creative direction for your business because your brand touches everything in your business. It needs to be flexible enough to fit an endless number of situations and formats. Includes: multiple logo formats, a color palette, font recommendations, and a style guide to show you how to actually use them. 

No brand is alike when it's created with thought and intention. An in-depth process that includes audience development, competitive analysis, a strategic site map, photography direction, and visual direction guarantees a brand that goes beyond surface level looks. One that is strategically developed to connect with your people. Your community.

Whether your potential clients are trying to sign up for a class, retreat, or one of your services, your website is the hub for it all. It's important that it's not only visually appealing, but comprehensive and strategic, creating the best experience for your potential clients so your business can thrive.

Brand identity

Brand Strategy

Photoshoot art direction

web design & Development

content marketing


brand collateral

$7-12K (varies based on scope)


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Just Need some refinements on your current website? Book a website refinement session.

Despite the fact I am based in Europe, the whole project and communication went really smoothly and Christie’s first round of design was just spot on. She captured the essence, style and mission of my brand beautifully!

 I highly recommend Christie for anyone serious about building a brand that stands out from the crowd.

founder of dance2happy

frequently asked questions


What is your availability?

I take on a very limited number of 1:1 clients, only working with one at a time. Right now, I'm booking custom projects for January 2024. However, you can join the Fit-Pro Launch Lab at any time, which also includes some 1:1 support. 

I already have branding. Do you offer just web design services?

Since your brand strategy and brand identity is so impactful to the overall look and effectiveness of your website, I typically work with clients on both. However, if you have an established brand that aligns with your future business goals (AND includes a color palette, font suite, and logos), I'd be happy to work on just your website!

Another great option for you could be to join the Fit-Pro Launch Lab, where you can take your established brand, apply it to a website template along with your content, and I will refine it for you from there. 

I just need help with my branding right now. Do you offer that?

Yes! I love working with clients to establish a custom brand. We always start with strategy so that we are not only creating visuals that reflect your brand's personality and core values, but will also attract your ideal audience and help you stand out in the industry. Based on that strategy I'll create a brand suite of logos, colors, and fonts that can carry you across every brand touch point. Then if you want to continue working together to apply that branding to your website, instagram graphics, or anything else, I'm happy to help, but it's not required!

Collaborations x Christie EVenson

Kristen Geil

Copywriting & SEO

Forever Friday Co


Dale Marie

Social Media Marketing

Alisha Tova

Photography, Chicago

The full-body workout for your brand. We partner with top marketing experts and seamlessly work together to build your premium brand experience. Services include marketing, design, copywriting, SEO, photography, and more. 

Delaney Newhart

Photography, Philly & DC

Elizabeth Joy Sanders

Photography, Boston

Paige Babilla

Photography, Chicago

Andrew Glatt

Photography, Chicago

work with us

I felt like Christie really listened to what I wanted and helped me talk about and present my brand in a way that I was struggling to articulate for so many years. I did a brand refresh two years ago and felt disappointed and underwhelmed every step of the way. Then I found Christie and I knew I had to work with her as soon as I was ready and I am so glad that I did.

I honestly still can't believe my website looks as beautiful as it does. It now truly represents the brand and business that I built and am so proud of.





Don't need a custom site?

This hybrid approach provides you with the templates, tools, and 1:1 guidance you need to launch a brand and website you can feel confident in.

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