Twenty Twenty-One Goals

January 4, 2021

January 4, 2021

There’s not much I love more than a good goal setting session. At the end of every month I save my monthly review for a Friday afternoon when I can really savor the time and find excitement in the new month. This just gets amplified at year end. I literally debated when I wanted to give myself the pleasure of filling out my fresh new planner for 2021. Is that weird?

Maybe. But either way, 2021 feels promising so I’m setting big, exciting goals to tackle. Here they are.

Do a Joint Webinar with a Complimentary Entrepreneur in the Industry

At the end of this year I’ve loved connecting more with other entrepreneurs in the fitness and creative industries. I’ve chatted or collaborated with photographers, copywriters, business coaches, and fit-pros. Rather than working through entrepreneurship on our own, having a community to work with is so much more enjoyable. And I think our audiences could benefit from knowing and learning from everyone in this community as well. So I’d love to do some joint webinars with other entrepreneurs to share our knowledge with each other’s audiences and clients.

Collaborate with a Run Blogger to Create a New Website Template

I’ve been thinking about the next website templates I want to add to my shop and one of the ideas I had was for runners, and especially runners with blogs. I’ve been thinking this could include space to highlight PR’s, a media kit page, and a blog specific to runners. But rather than guessing what should be included, I’d love to collaborate with someone who would actually use it to get the most effective outcome. Lots of pitching to come in 2021.

Be a Guest on a Podcast

Speaking of pitching, another goal for my business in 2021 is to be a guest on a podcast. There are so many misconceptions and unknowns around branding and web design in the fitness industry that I’d love to be able to share advice around this topic. I had a great opportunity to do this in October during an aSweatLife #TrainersConnect and would love to do more of it.

Complete a Half Marathon

All my fingers are crossed for in-person races happening this year, but whether I run on my own or in a race, I want to challenge myself with a longer distance. So far, the longest race I’ve done is a 10k so I want to push myself a little. If Chicago has a half this year I’m in. I’ve also always said the only reason I’d want to run a half marathon is to experience the Lululemon SeaWheeze so if it’s possible, a Vancouver visit is in order. Group trip anyone?

Complete an Olympic Distance Triathlon

My thinking is if I can run a half marathon, a 10k at the end of a triathlon should be no problem. When I completed my first sprint triathlon last year, I immediately became obsessed with the sport. Completing the full distance was a goal for this year, but clearly 2020 had different plans. So bringing this goal around for another year and I’m honestly so re-energized just thinking about training for it.

Run a 5k in under 24 minutes

Another 2020 goal carrying over. Between the lake shore path being closed in the spring, some tendonitis in my foot, and a busy work schedule, speed just didn’t end up being a priority this year. But I started incorporating more runs into my schedule again and am feeling good about my pace slowly improving.

Collaborate with a Fitness Apparel Brand

Lastly, one of my goals is to collaborate with a fitness apparel brand to create graphics for athletic wear. As a personal project, I’ve designed logos for races and running events, like the Chicago Marathon or the Freezing Fifty. Who doesn’t love buying branded apparel as a badge of honor for a great accomplishment? That pride of crossing the finish line. That’s what this project was all about.

This may be the most anticipated year ever, but I’m determined to make the most of whatever it brings us. And if one of your goals is to launch a new brand or website, reach out to chat or check out my website template shop.