4 Things You’ll Accomplish in the Fit-Pro Launch Lab

March 21, 2023

March 21, 2023

1. You’ll launch your website!

Obviously this is the main goal of joining the Fit-Pro Launch Lab. With access to 7 website templates, on-demand training, and 1:1 support, you’ll have a website within a matter of weeks that you can confidently share as a strong representation of your business.

2. You’ll create an amazing online experience for both potential and returning clients.

It’s not enough to have a website that looks good. It also needs to be strategic and functional for your clients. With website templates designed FOR the fitness industry, you’ll know your website is set up with YOUR clients in mind.

3. You’ll understand HOW to edit your website.

When you go to add a new program, service, or even make a small change in your business, it won’t feel like a daunting task (or require outsourcing) to make that change on your website, because you’re already familiar with the platform and have all the tools you need. Plus, you’ll always have support from me if any questions do come up.

4. You’ll learn design basics to help in every aspect of your business.

Whether you’re trying to pick your color palette or fonts for your brand, or design a post for instagram you’ll know how to avoid typical design mistakes that could turn off potential clients.

The Fit-Pro Launch Lab covers all the bases to launch your website without frustration or second guessing. Learn more and sign up here.