Design Like a Pro Tip #2: Align Elements

June 29, 2023

June 29, 2023

To make all of your designs feel super refined, make sure you line of the edges within each group of elements. I don’t typically follow a super strict grid, but any photos or text boxes in a section that are close to lining up, should.

Most design editing platforms, like Canva or Showit, will give you guidelines so you can easily tell when they’re lined up! Here are some client website examples of alignment:

(These examples show mostly left aligned elements. Any centered text should be center aligned with other text boxes. I’ll get into center vs left aligned text in another post!)

I’d love to see your amazing business create an equally amazing impression on potential clients. So I started this series to help make your website and marketing graphics stand out and look professional. For more design lessons and tips (plus web templates and 1:1 support) join the Fit-Pro Launch Lab!