Holly Keskey // fitness professional / Barry's Bootcamp instructor / lululemon ambassador

Our goal with this branding and web design project was to create a space that gives Holly's audience an educational & inspiring experience. Through the website, they'll know that Holly is about so much more than just fitness; she's about teaching and empowering them to live life to their fullest potential.

I was drawn to Holly's cool, minimalist style. From the typography to the clean color palette, I was focused on striking a balance between strong and sophisticated. 

I wanted to design layouts that utilize white space in an intentional way, establishing a sense of movement and organic flow throughout the site. I created the logo by customizing a serif font into a semi serif and combining it with a strong san serif, producing a cool and sophisticated feel. To convey Holly's honest, motivational approach, I added the initials of her last name in a way that mimics a blunt period at the end of a sentence. 


Site photography by Alisha Tova and Andrew Glatt.
Mockups from Moyo Studio.