4 Ways to Scale as a Fitness Professional

4 Ways to Scale as a Fitness Professional & How To Do It

June 8, 2020

June 8, 2020

While working with yoga teachers and trainers, it’s been awesome to see the potential for a career in the fitness industry. There’s so much more beyond teaching classes at studios or gyms. You can scale and build up your income, independently from your studio gig. Below, I’m sharing some ideas of ways to create additional revenues streams and expand your business.


Ideas to Scale:

  1. Online Classes & Memberships

    Though video workouts were already starting to become more prevalent, temporary studio closures the past few months have rapidly pushed this format along. And I don’t think it’s going anywhere. As someone who loves in-person classes, I will definitely be heading back into the studio when they reopen, but I also love knowing that if I’m short on time or can’t make it into class, there are so many amazing virtual alternatives that I never would have tried before. This is a great opportunity to create consistent independent income through streaming memberships.

  2. Retreats

    People are drawn to experiences more than ever. A fitness retreat is a great way to strengthen your community, build trust, and connect with your clients. By hosting, you can have full control over programming and the amount you get paid for your time and services. Plus, aside from the money you’ll make by hosting the retreat itself, the bonds you’ll form with attendees will likely lead to future participation in your offerings by them and their friends.

  3. Events

    Much like retreats, but on a smaller scale, events will give you a chance to position yourself as an expert. People will pay more of a premium for a specialized class and you’ll be able to share more than you normally would in a typical class. You can also partner up with other experts in the industry to broaden your reach and grow your audience.

  4. Private Sessions

    Private Sessions are a great way to create more of an individual impact on your students. Without a doubt, there are students that show up for your class every single week when there are so many other teachers out there. People want to work with YOU and therefore will be likely jump on board with a higher price tag if you can work with them in a way that is tailored specifically to their needs.


Integrating these ideas into your business

  • A Website

    This will be your most important platform for housing all the information a client might need to book one of these experiences with you. Think of it as a hub for your business. Rather than trying to figure out how to spread the word about your upcoming retreat or how to make money off your virtual workouts, it will all simply live on your website. When built strategically for your business, a website will create an experience that converts viewers into paying customers.

  • Social Media

    Your social media is a great way to show who you are and engage with your community. This is where you can really build trust and loyalty with your students. It’s a great way to share information about your offerings and get it shared. Though the majority of your information will be on your website, social media is an amazing way to market it.

  • Email Newsletter

    Like social media, an email newsletter is a great way to communicate, educate, and relay information about the services you offer. However, in this platform it’s an even more loyal base. The rate of people signing up for your event from this group will most likely be higher, so it’s a great a place to direct your energy when marketing for a program launch.


In such a community-driven career, you likely already have a loyal following. Now you just have to take the next steps to grow it to its full potential. If you’re ready to scale, learn more about creating a professional brand and website. Or check out some examples of a couple fitness-based businesses that are leading the way in the industry, here and here.


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