Authenticate Your Marketing Emails to Ensure They’re Landing in Inboxes

December 15, 2023

December 15, 2023

In 2024, Gmail is buckling down on spam in inboxes. There’s a new set of requirements for anyone sending 5,000 bulk emails per day. Even if your email list is not that large, these requirements are generally considered best practice to ensure your emails are getting in front of your audience.

I’ll walk you through some of these practices and how to set them up in Flodesk (my email marketing platform of choice):

Create a custom email address with your domain

Set up a google business account so that you are sending emails from your domain. Not only is this huge for emails not being sent to spam, but an email coming from is going to look a lot more professional and trustworthy that Luckily, if you set it up through google, the backend will still look just like your normal gmail account. If you are already using a gmail account you can set up forwarding for those emails to your new account by following these steps.

Verify your domain in Flodesk (or your email marketing platform)

  1. Update your email to your custom domain email
  2. Add your custom domain
  3. Get your domain verified by updating your DNS records (the linked article will walk you through those steps for multiple different registrars like GoDaddy)

These steps are easy to miss or brush off when you’re initially getting everything set up in your business. But they can be really impactful in the deliverability of your emails, so I hope these steps give you some clarity and peace of mind!

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