Launch the Website, Add More Later

December 19, 2023

December 19, 2023

As a great business owner you probably have an endless number of ideas for your business.

By the time you finish creating one, you’ve thought of 3 more. Which is why if you wait to launch your website until you’re done implementing new ideas it’ll never get launched.

Large programs and new income streams tend to be a larger undertaking than anyone expects (myself included!). There have been so many times where I get an idea for a new offer and then suddenly want to create and launch it that week. Adding it to your website is the easy part, but it’s just one part.

We tend to forget all the potential dominos involved when we come up with that new idea. Sure, you’ll just add an on-demand library. But then you have to figure out where you will record it, how you will record, new equipment you might need to record it. You’ll have to find a platform to host your video library, decide on pricing, customize your email notifications and maybe a workflow or two. THEN you can add it to your website.

That’s not to say the process can’t be simpler. But you don’t want the pressure of a website launch, to rush you through putting out the best product.

Launch the basics of a website, whether that’s a few pages or just a simple landing page, so your business has a clean professional web presence. And build from there.

Here’s an idea of all your really need on your landing page to start:

  • about
  • class schedule/booking embed
  • a lead magnet (if you have one)
  • social links

A high quality single page website is better than no website. And the beauty of a website is that nothing is permanent. You can make a change the second after you hit publish. Happy launching!

P.S. I’ve created a landing page template that has you covered. Check it out in the template shop.