Chicago Gift Guide minimal art print

Chicago Gift Guide

November 5, 2019

November 5, 2019

Not your average city-themed gift guide. I’m sharing my favorite minimalistic, chic, Chicago designs and products that someone might actually want to receive. This is for the proud Chicagoan who wants to rep their beloved city, without looking like a tourist. For the recent grad moving to the city for the first time. For the avid traveler with decor to match.



Windy City Sweatshirt- Gift Guide

Windy City Sweatshirt

This sweatshirt is from a local Chicago boutique, Alice & Wonder, who carries a ton of the cutest Chicago products. It was hard to narrow down to just a couple for this guide, but I thought this design was so fun and unique!


Illustrated City Print- Gift Guide

Chicago Art Print

From my own shop, this letterpress illustrated art print represents some of the best spots in the city.
And it comes in a series with six other available cities.

Chicago Minimal Flag- Gift Guide

Chicago Flag

I love the simplicity of this flag!
The handmade flags in this shop have an awesome vintage feel and a bunch of cool designs to choose from.


ORD Chicago baseball hat- Gift Guide

ORD Chicago Hat

Another pick from Alice & Wonder, the style and design of this hat is so classic, while not being directly tied to a sports team.


Minimal Chicago Ornament- Gift Guide

Minimalist Chicago Ornament

I feel like it’s so easy to go wrong with ornament purchases as they can get tacky fast, so I was excited to come across this cute, minimal ornament design for this gift guide. The buffalo plaid ribbon is the perfect addition of character and holiday vibes.


Chicago Tote Bag- Gift Guide

Claudia Pearson City Tote Bags

As a city with a push towards reusable shopping bags, Chicago is the perfect place to acquire some cute tote bags. I love that the bag also supports individual artists, as part of West Elm’s LOCAL makers collection.