Dale Marie

March 24, 2022

March 24, 2022

I’m so excited to share a client brand and website that launched this week for run coach and content marketer, Dale Marie.


In her branding, a bold sans serif font feels strong and sporty juxtaposed with a a more detailed flowing serif. Interesting intersections and movement in these letterforms portray the energy, creativity and connection Dale brings to her clients.

The brand icon was created with the intention of using it on her runners’ athletic apparel so any mention of her name needed to be subtle. It references organic lines of hills and waves of nature to reflect her calming, approachable demeanor. Somewhat hidden among those lines you’ll find a “d” and “m” for her initials. All those intertwining shapes represent Dale’s strong value of collaboration.


In Dale’s website we focused on finding core values and common themes to tie together her run coaching and content marketing services. Copywriter, Kristen Geil masterfully crafted copy to do just that. And I focused on creating layouts that present a lot of content in a visually compelling way to not overwhelm the viewer.

Check out the new site at dalemarie.org!

“I signed two marketing clients and three new athletes within 2 weeks of my new website launch! Really exciting!”

Dale, run coach and marketing consultant

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