How to Streamline your Fitness Biz & Hustle Less

February 16, 2021

February 16, 2021

Most people don’t start a business because they want to spend their day responding to emails and their night mentally managing their to-do list. But as a business grows, it’s common for the parts you love to be drowned out by admin work and hustle. Today we’ll talk about ways to get back your time, streamline your fitness biz and enjoy your business more. 

Simplify Scheduling

There are way too many tools out there to justify scheduling over DM’s. Sure, it’s free to round up your class attendee list from various emails, texts, and DM’s. To respond to them all with your Venmo handle and class price. To send each of them the Zoom link for the class. And to cross your fingers that nobody cancels so you don’t have to deal with refunds. But how much is your time and mental capacity worth to you? 

Whether you work with clients on a 1:1 basis or offer group classes, using a scheduling tool in your business simplifies and improves your process, your clients’ ease of booking, and your overall professionalism. There are a couple of different tools available for this. 

  • Indifit is a newer platform built specifically for fitness professionals. If you don’t have a website they have the option to create your own shareable profile with your class list. If you have a website you can easily embed your schedule or link to the class sign-up page. They also are coming out with an Instagram landing page with a class schedule and links to replace your linktree. 
  • Acuity has a robust system of capabilities for anyone, including fit-pros and studios. You can create a pretty straightforward scheduling page, or for a more branded feel, you can link to each class or embed the scheduler into your website. 

Needing a website to house your class schedule? Check out the site shop, featuring website templates for fitness professionals and built with a dedicated classes & events page. 

Scale Your Offerings

If you always feel like you’re hustling, you’ll probably also hit a plateau in terms of income. You obviously can’t take on more classes or students since you’re already maxed out. In fact, you might want to take on less. So you need to scale your offerings in order to make more money without spending more time working. Here are some ways you can do this as a fitness entrepreneur.

  • Video classes that you only have to create once and can be sold to an unlimited number of people. This could look like a monthly subscription to a video membership or you could sell classes individually. I personally think we are in the age of subscriptions and would opt for that method to create more consistency in your monthly income. You could even use the recordings from any live classes you offer to build up your video library. But if you don’t want to be adding classes to a membership regularly, a class shop could be the way to go. 
  • Courses. Courses can range in the amount of work required depending on how they’re run. You could record all the videos in the course upfront and create passive income for yourself. Or take on more of a mentor role for your students while they’re in it. Either way, this allows you to help more students at once and provide real value that you can charge for. In terms of what to teach, this is a great place to dig deep into your niche
  • Raise your prices. If you are so in-demand that you are booked out or clients are never turning down your prices, then it’s time to raise your rates. Clearly, people want to work with you so don’t be scared about turning some away. 

Ready to build a home for your on-demand membership? Reach out to chat about creating a website to scale. 

Get Organized

Even when you’re not teaching, planning, or working with clients, your brain is probably still working on overdrive. You suddenly remember that you need to check in with a client about a standard step in your workflow. You lie in bed at night running through your to-do list to make sure you didn’t lose track of anything. This is where a task and/or client management system comes in. 

This has been a game-changer to help me mentally clock out when I want to. I first added a client management system to my toolbox in order to keep track of the clients I was working with at any given time. I can keep all their information in one place and track where we’re at in the process of working together. There are client management systems specific to fitness professionals (a common one I’ve heard of for personal trainers is TrueCoach). 

Now, as I’m contracting out more tasks to other people, I’m beginning to incorporate a task management software (Asana) into my process. I can easily assign tasks within my list to others. It’s also great to use just for yourself. I want to make sure I deliver the same great experience to every client so I have a project template that includes all the same tasks. Some clients may differ in scope, but overall they have similar key tasks in the process to ensure they’re getting an experience that’s consistent with my brand. 

Get Help

As solopreneurs we wear a lot of hats – like, all the hats. But figuring out when it’s time to outsource is key to running a successful and sustainable business. If you’re running yourself into the ground and close to burnout, how long will it be before you throw in the towel completely? I’ve been there. One day I found myself wondering if this was what I really wanted to be doing. The truth was that I love designing, but I had waited too long to get help. 

That first step is hard. It can feel difficult to justify paying somebody for something that you can do. After all, whatever you’re paying someone else comes out of your bottom line. BUT, imagine handing over a few tasks to somebody who is more proficient than you in that area of expertise. Suddenly you have all this extra time to better serve your clients, expand your business in ways that will make you more money, or actually take a break that will allow you to run this business for years to come without burnout. 

The biggest realization I had in this area is that you don’t have to hire someone full time. Hiring per project/client or even on a monthly basis takes a lot of the risk out for you. Here are a few roles you could think about outsourcing to lessen the hustle:

Hustling is exhausting. And not the dream we thought of when starting a business. But by taking some of these steps, I hope you can infuse a bit more balance and joy into it.