Finding My Niche in Fitness & Wellness

Finding my Niche: Why I’m Only Working with Clients in the Fitness & Wellness Industry

July 21, 2020

July 21, 2020

In the first year of my business all I cared about was getting clients. I couldn’t imagine turning anyone away because not having enough work was a larger concern than anything else. It didn’t matter if they weren’t a client I felt super aligned with or if the project had red flags all over the place. 

When I finally started getting specific into who my ideal client was, and actually saying that in my marketing, I didn’t attract less people. Even though I said I only worked with a smaller group of people, I actually got so many more inquiries. I was able to become an expert in that field and able to speak directly to someone rather than to nobody. Niching has made such an incredible difference in my business not only monetarily but also in the joy I find in my work. That’s why today I’m sharing the biggest benefits of niching in your business


Aligned Values

Health and fitness are two passions of mine outside of design. Deciding to use that interest as the niche for my design business instantly brought me more excitement in the projects I was working on. Building relationships with clients in this industry feels more natural and understanding what a client wants becomes easier when we have these common interests and values. Much of the time I’m even the client’s target audience. This type of alignment leads to the best experience for both sides.


Deeper Skillset

Niching has also helped me develop a much deeper skill set. Rather than trying to figure out the best way to build a website for every type of business out there, I’m able to focus on learning absolutely everything I can about creating a website for a fitness or wellness professional. I’ve already been through the trial and error process of figuring out how to set up things like an on-demand workout membership. That experience not only makes me feel more confident I can deliver the best possible product, but makes potential clients feel more confident in my expertise as well. 



Reputation is the biggest reason why niching is so impactful for actually getting more clients. By narrowing in on a smaller group you want to work with, you become known for that work. When it comes to referrals you’ll be the one people think of. When deciding between two businesses, you’ll be the one they pick and trust because you’re specialized in exactly what they’re looking for. 

Of course you may also repel someone who isn’t in that niche. That’s okay. It’s so common when I’m talking with clients about their ideal client that they don’t want to make it too specific because they’re worried they’ll scare off potential work. But that’s actually the key to getting the best clients.


I was skeptical, but I’ve done it. And it works. If you’re ready to dive deep into your expertise and build a brand and website around your niche, I’d love to help! Email me here