[solidcore] Studio Review

Studio Review: [solidcore]

July 30, 2020

July 30, 2020

The instructor said, “and that’s your warm up,” but my body was already dead.

That basically sums up my [solidcore] experience. 


The Studio

I walked in to the River North [solidcore] location in Chicago 15 minutes early, excited (and only a little nervous) to try out this workout I had heard about for so long. I was welcomed by a friendly instructor and shown the studio. There were plenty of areas to store my belongings and wait for class, all very branded in that [solidcore] blue. The studio itself was nicely designed and not nearly as intimating as I expected.

From what I had seen in pictures the dark room with blue lights seemed a little intense, but it felt brighter and friendlier in person, which had a lot to do with the welcoming nature of the instructor and other clients in class. Being a noon class the group was pretty small, which I always appreciate when trying out a new studio. However, even if it had filled up, the spots are nicely limited, creating a close atmosphere.

Before class started the instructor walked me through how to use the reformer, known as [sweatlana]. This was honestly the part I was most intimidated about. These contraptions look kind of nuts, but it was surprisingly simple. That’s not to say I didn’t develop a love/hate relationship with it.


The Class

Within the first few minutes of class I regretted everything. I thought there was absolutely no way I was going to make it through even this 30 minute class. I had picked the 30 minute express, focused on core and obliques, thinking it might be good to start with a shorter class time. And who doesn’t want a tight core? Well, I was sorely (see what I did there?) mistaken.

I didn’t consider the fact that although a standard class was longer, each section was shorter- aka we wouldn’t wouldn’t be doing CORE FOR THIRTY MINUTES. Momentary regrets aside, it might have been the best core workout I’ve ever done. It literally hurt to laugh the next day, but my abs and obliques felt so tight.


Overall, I’ve never been so relieved for a class to be over while also being so excited to try more (you know, in a week after my abs have recovered).


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