Branding for Kate DeGennaro

Kate DeGennaro

September 15, 2020

September 15, 2020

Fitness professional, Kate DeGennaro is ahead of the curve. After building up an awesome virtual workout community through her bandtogether workouts, she came to me to take her brand and website to the next level with an online membership. Our goal was to create an experience that makes her audience feel energized and happy as they workout with the bandtogether community and create a brand that is fun, lighthearted, and empowering.

The colorful and vibrant palette reflects her fun positive energy. The typography of the logo feels happy, energetic, and clean, but not too serious or too immature.

In providing photography direction, I wanted the photos to feel bright and natural, like Kate’s sincere personality. Bringing in pops of color with the clothing was a great tie to the brand.

When designing the website I wanted it to feel light, refreshing, and simple with layouts that are unique and not too rigidly structured. We brought in accents of color through the typography, buttons, and photography, while utilizing white space to allow the user to breathe and easily navigate the pages.

Since bandtogether is a membership platform, I created strategic membership pages for on-demand videos, categories, and account pages. Overall the brand and website pulls together Kate’s breadth of offerings to invite in potential clients and legitimize her brand.


Photography by Delaney Newhart.
Mockups from Moyo Studio.


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