Recognizing Limiting Beliefs to Achieve Your Goals

February 2, 2021

February 2, 2021

It’s pretty crazy to think that most of the time, the only person holding us back from our goals and dreams is actually ourselves. What you think of yourself and what is possible for you controls your reality. Which is why journaling through my limiting beliefs regularly has become an important part of my business and life. 

At the beginning of last year I read the book, The Big Leap, and worked with Morgan Rapp in her Design Biz Mastery program to figure out how to move past the plateau I was feeling in my business. The very first thing we discussed was limiting beliefs. And turns out, my mindset was crushing me. 

A lot of this mindset work will come from you listening to what thoughts are actually going through your head each day, but I’ll share a few that I’m continuously working through and could be holding you back as well. 

  • Nobody will pay X for [design, yoga, personal training, an on-demand membership– whatever it is that you do or want to do]
  • I’m not qualified enough to [teach my own course, offer mentoring, host a webinar, etc]
  • Larger businesses and brands won’t want to work with me because I’m just a solopreneur. 
  • I have to stick to a standard schedule for my industry because that’s what people expect from me.
  • I have to be the one to do everything in my business. 
  • There aren’t enough hours in a day.

Once you’ve written out your limiting beliefs, then provide a counter argument to each one. 

  • What I do can create a huge impact on someone’s business/life so I shouldn’t feel bad about charging X. I am good at what I do and am worth paying a premium price for because I deliver a premium product/service. 
  • I have a unique perspective and experience that people want to hear. 
  • People love supporting local small businesses. As long as I’m providing a high quality service, why wouldn’t they work with me?
  • If I work better in the evenings than the afternoons then I’ll take a 3 hour mid-day break to workout, eat, relax. If meetings throughout the day interrupt my creative flow, I’ll hold them all on one day of the week. As long as the work gets done and done well the client won’t care when it happens.
  • Clients are only looking for results. They don’t necessarily care who gets them there. As long as my business as a whole maintains the same values, I can trust others to handle certain tasks. 
  • I am in charge of my time. I determine my deadlines, the number of clients I work with, the time I wake up and go to bed, and the number of hours I spend watching TV or scrolling through instagram. 

These exercises have really helped me get out of my own way and accomplish milestones that I was telling myself weren’t possible a year ago. What are you telling yourself that is stopping you from moving forward? Is it actually true?

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