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Actions Steps for Moving Up No Matter Where You’re at in your Fitness Career

August 11, 2020

August 11, 2020

Through instagram it can be so easy to compare where someone else is in their business or life and feel like we’re so far from that goal. I do this all the time as a designer with the ability to see so many inspiring business women and designers crushing it all over social media. However, we often miss the journey they’ve been on, how many years they spent building what they have now, or the mistakes they made along the way.

When we’re only comparing their destination to our current situation it can seem impossible to figure out how to get from point A to point B, which is why today I want to help you consider ways you can grow in your business based on where you are right now.



Are a 9-5’er side hustling as a yoga teacher

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with a side hustle staying just that. But if your goal is to eventually go full time with your fitness business, there’s no better time to dive all in than when you have a steady income from your 9-5 to support you. Once you’ve established a small group of dedicated clients, start considering income streams beyond teaching studio classes. This could be things like private coaching or events. Check out this post for more ideas. 

Another important step here is to create a website. A professional website shows that this is more than a hobby for you and instills trust in potential clients. A website is a great place to share your studio class schedule, event information, and a booking link for privates. If you’re starting out with a smaller budget, you can use a website template. I always suggest showit — and coming this fall I’ll be launching a website template shop specifically for fitness and wellness professionals. So if you’re interested, get on the email list for first access and discounts when we launch. 



Are doing ALL the things, from events and retreats to private coaching, but are out of hours in a day and don’t know how to scale from here

It’s hard to imagine how you can possibly grow your income when you couldn’t possibly take on any more tasks. Rather than adding to your plate, this is a great opportunity to evaluate where you could be automating, outsourcing, or scaling your current offers. 

Could you create a course or online membership program that could serve a larger audience and take less time than private coaching? 

Could you outsource anything that is outside of your wheelhouse or you simply don’t have time for? A VA for admin tasks? Social media manager or automation tools for marketing? A web designer for your website (oh hey)?



Have crushed the one-woman fitness biz game and are ready for even bigger things, like bringing your own fitness studio to life

At this point you’ve experienced how to run a successful business for yourself. Sure, you’ve probably contracted some help on occasion for various tasks — if you didn’t, please share your secret for discovering extra time. Now you have the daunting but exciting idea of something more. Which means, it’s time to bring in some experts to work for you so that you can be the boss that you are. 

This is next level, which means next-level investments to get next-level returns

One of the most important investments to make at the beginning is establishing your brand. Your brand is the overall concept of your new business, including everything from your mission statement and tone words, to your logo, colors, merch, and website. Check out this post about 4 elements of a successful boutique fitness brand.


No matter where you’re at today, there’s so much potential to grow, you just have to take the next step. If you need any help designing your brand or website, I’d love to help. Just reach out to me here. And if you’re not quite ready for custom services yet, jump on the email list to get first access to the website template shop when it launches this fall. 



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