4 Logo Mistakes to Avoid & Why

January 31, 2023

January 31, 2023

Your website is only as good as your brand foundation. One piece of that is your logo – here are some logo mistakes to avoid:

✖️ too complex or uses super fine lines

✖️ only works using multiple colors

✖️ has a square or vertical orientation & no other variations

✖️ doesn’t match the brand’s personality or values

If you’re in a phase of your business where you want to invest in a custom logo, look out for these tips when hiring a designer (also note: sometimes rules can be broken, as long as you know why you’re breaking them).

Or if you’re not quite ready for a custom mark, I suggest just keeping it simple- find a font and color palette that conveys your brand’s personality and type your business name in that font and color. (In the Fit-Pro Launch Lab I help clients understand how to do this)

Feel free to schedule a call with me to chat about your brand and the best place for you start.