Chicago Studio Review: Lululemon Lincoln Park

Studio Review: Lululemon Lincoln Park

September 18, 2019

September 18, 2019

Lululemon not only thrives as most people’s favorite activewear brand, but also excels in the experiential community space. For a long time I loved starting my Sunday with a friend and an in-store yoga class so I was very excited when I heard we’d be getting the very first experiential store here in Chicago.


The Space

If the quality of their clothes were any indication, I knew the space would be high end and beautiful, but seeing it in person fully confirmed it. The two-story space takes every detail into account for a perfect overall experience. The locker rooms are luxurious with the nicest products and upscale finishes. The studios carry through the lululemon style of minimalism with a subtle unique touch.

The yoga studio, where I spend most of my time, is a welcoming space with warm wood floors, a graphic painting on the front wall (most likely commissioned by a local artist), and natural light streaming in through sheer white curtains. The coolest touch, a small neon lettered quote “Ahh Savasana,” can be seen on the ceiling as you lay on your back at the end of your practice. Plus like my other favorite studios do, the mats and props are laid out for you at the beginning of class so you can simply walk in and take a spot without having to squeeze in somewhere or ask someone to “scooch.”

Beyond the three studio spaces there is a Fuel station so you can grab a drink and some food to stay and hang out or work before or after class, a perk I love taking advantage of. The hardest part is really trying to walk out the door at the end of the day without buying up everything in the store. It’s an extra test of willpower, really.


The Class

All of the classes are taught by lululemon ambassadors, aka some of the best fitness instructors in Chicago. It’s been a great way to try out a variety of classes and styles. One of my favorite classes has been Flow + Release with Lauren Bellagamba, incorporating therapy balls and great moves for recovery. I’m also excited to try Pose + Power with Maggie Umberger (another Chicago favorite) , the unique Steel Mace Bootcamp class with Jaq Howard, and Reformer on the Mat with Jacquelyn Brennan (owner of Pilates + Coffee).


Overall the lululemon Lincoln Park experiential store is essentially a culmination of the best Chicago has to offer in yoga and strength classes all under one beautifully designed roof.


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