Salzburg architecture

Travel: Salzburg

September 11, 2019

September 11, 2019

Where we stayed: Studio 3B Salzburg old town (airbnb)

Length of stay: 3 days (Aug 25–28)

Favorite activity: simply walking and exploring


After a month of experiencing a heat wave in Germany, I was so excited for the cooler vibes of Salzburg in September. Days walking towards the mountains and through some wooded areas where a few leaves were starting to change, quickly relieved the FOMO I was feeling for the excitement of fall back in the States. Like many of my other favorites, this was a bit of a smaller town, allowing us to slow our days down a bit. We’d take our time in a cute little cafe, walk along the markets on the river, or watch the Sound of Music (a must) while it rained outside. Overall the scenery was beautiful and I loved the quaint feel.


Things we did:

  • visited Mirabellplatz, the iconic Sound of Music gardens
  • walked through the markets along the Salzach River
  • hiked up to Festung Hohensalzburg and explored the trails around it for beautiful views of the city and the mountains in the distance
  • walked down Getreidegasse, a cute street of shops and restaurants
  • ventured across the river to explore New Town after spending most of our time in Old Town


Tips and tricks:

  • Skip the expensive tours and explore the spots on your own. They’re all very accessible and close by.
  • Just start walking and exploring. Even the small, hidden streets are beautiful.


Views of Salzburg


Pastel buildings in Salzburg



Exploring Salzburg and the Sound of Music spots


Summertime cafe in Salzburg


Nature of Salzburg


Salzburg architecture


Salzburg hike and nature views


Pastel buildings along the river in Salzburg, Austria


Castle views in Salzburg


Traveling couple in Salzburg, Austria


Salzburg castle and hike


Salzburg river and buildings


Fall feelings in Salzburg


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