What is your North Star? And Do Your Daily Actions Match It?

April 18, 2023

April 18, 2023

I recently listened to an Ali On The Run podcast episode with Alexi Pappas and the way Alexi described your “north star” really resonated.

While they of course discussed this primarily in terms of running, it’s of course so applicable to other areas of life, like business as well. Basically she explained the importance of being honest with yourself in understanding what your main goal ACTUALLY is, including how you want to feel.

When running your own business, you get to choose what opportunities you take, what services you truly want to offer, and what requests you turn down. It’s so easy to chase what others are doing or every potential opportunity EVEN IF it doesn’t actually align with your north star.

For example, I’ve learned how much I really love working on one custom brand/web project at a time. It makes me feel the most creative, relaxed, and excited. Taking on less 1:1 clients sometimes means my available timeline doesn’t work for a potential client who I’d love to work with. Every time this happens I question my decision for not building a bigger team to help me do more, but if I’m being honest with myself that wouldn’t match the bigger vision I have for my business and life.

What is YOUR true north star? And are your daily actions aligning with that goal?