Improve Website Conversion: Understand Your Website’s Primary Goals with These 2 Questions

April 4, 2023

April 4, 2023

1. What is your audience coming to your website to find? 

Think about where they’re coming from and what they still need to hear or learn about your offer before they’ll be ready to sign up. Are they just starting their fitness journey? Trying to find a local studio? Coming back from injury? Trying to level up to a new goal? Get super specific.

Then from that, what would they need to experience next? Copy that speaks to their pain points. Blog posts that educate them. Testimonials that address their concerns. Clear Call to actions that lead them to your main offer.

2. Think about what YOUR primary goal is. What offer is your top priority to sell?

Focus on consistently driving the viewer to that. This could change in different seasons, which is why your website is always evolving.

ACTION ITEM: List your priorities from highest to lowest. Then list what your audience’s priorities are when visiting the website.

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