Outsourcing in Your Businesss

Outsourcing & Mental Shifts to Reach the Next Level in Your Business

May 25, 2020

May 25, 2020

I am a huge proponent of outsourcing, not only for my clients, but for my own business. It’s easy to say you’re going to hustle and DIY everything in your business at the beginning, but what about when you’re a year in, exhausted and at a plateau?



Every successful business owner reaches a point where in order to reach that next level they have to invest. It can take a difficult mental shift to even come to this conclusion. Often times we don’t even see how much potential our business has or truly believe we can get there. But in reality, the only factor separating your work from a thriving six/seven-figure business is your hesitation to treat it like one. 

Here are some questions that I find helpful to ask myself when considering a business investment, like outsourcing:

  • Am I missing out on time spent in my own zone of genius?
  • If I got the time back that I was spending on this task, how much money could I make working on something else? Is it more than it would cost to just outsource it?
  • What kind of negative effects will this have on my business if I can’t complete this task to it’s highest potential? Similarly, what kind of positive effects will this have on my business if I outsource the task to an expert?
  • What kind of return would I get on this investment to make it worth it? ie. Could I make $50k by investing $10k?
  • How much stress is this task adding to my day-to-day life?

You might find that certain pieces become important to outsource at different stages of your business, but in the end you’re going to have the most profitable, efficient, and enjoyable business if every task is being handled by an expert in their field. There’s a reason assembly lines run with each individual specializing in a single task. 



Eventually you can outsource more and more of your business, but I would start by considering what aspects have an immediate impact on your success and make those a top priority.

Here are my top suggestions:



I can’t tell you how much more I love working on websites that have high quality photography. Photography is such a vital element of a brand. It makes up your website, social media, email marketing- you name it. Low quality images immediately downgrade the perceived quality of your business.


Website Designer

Obvious I’d say this, I know, but I whole-heartedly believe that because your website is such a key aspect of your business, it holds a lot of weight in building trust with your potential clients. Even beyond aesthetics, a web designer will approach the site with strategy, intended to convert visitors into clients, which is really the primary reason to have a website in the first place, isn’t it?



This is a big one that I’m working towards hiring in my own business. While anyone can simply write, it might take a professional to write incredibly effective copy that will speak to your target audience and turn them into customers.


Social Media

If social media is your thing, great. Maybe you don’t need this, but not everyone realizes how in-depth these tools can go and what you might be missing out on. Even if your IG likes are just rolling in, that doesn’t necessarily mean those followers are buying. Through your website, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook there are so many platforms that can be working for your business. So you might want to hire someone to help you take advantage.



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