Studio Review: Barre3

June 2, 2020

June 2, 2020

When I lived in Madison I loved going to the barre3 studio there. It was a beautiful studio with a great energy. So I was very excited when I heard a barre3 would be opening in Chicago.


The Studio

Upon entering the west loop studio, I felt right at home. The lobby and studio space have floor to ceiling windows that fill the rooms with natural light. Their signature orange balls nicely line the bars when you walk into class and the space felt relatively roomy, something I appreciate when so many places seem to pack the room to capacity.

Everything else felt just as high quality. I don’t even use locker rooms much, but these ones were lovely. The showers were in individual rooms, stocked with everything you could need. The whole space just felt so inviting and cozy.


The Class

The class itself followed a pretty standard routine of barre exercises, broken down into legs, glutes, arms, and core sections . I’d say it may be slightly less intense than The Barre Code and Pure Barre, but the nice thing about barre classes is that you can make adjustments to either challenge yourself or modify a move. Barre3 also seems to incorporate a little bit more yoga than other studios too, which I love. Overall, the class flew by and I would definitely go back!


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