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September 21, 2022

September 21, 2022

I’ve always loved developing concepts and design collateral for events, so the opportunity to create campaigns for a race is at the top of my bucket list. Here are some design explorations for a few of my favorites.

Triathlon Poster

The reveal of concepts, graphics, and apparel surrounding the major marathons is something I look forward to every year (especially those amazing Tracksmith posters). But I feel like triathlons don’t quite get the same love. So I thought I’d make my own!

Chicago 13.1

For the Chicago 13.1 half marathon poster, I played around with graphically representing the course map, especially the outline of the amazing west side parks, since that was a key element to this race and unique to every other half in Chicago. Plus I sprinkled in small groups of runners to feature the strong run crews that showed up at this race.

I customized 20+ posters with each runner’s time for anyone who ran the race.

Freezing Fifty

After creating the Chicago 13.1 poster, I was commissioned to create a poster for the leader of the Freezing Fifty, a lululemon 50-mile mid-winter event.

Chicago Marathon

Shamrock Shuffle

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