Design Templates for Entrepreneurs

The Best Solution for a Limited Design Budget

June 15, 2019

June 15, 2019

Design is an incredibly important aspect of creating an inviting brand, but if custom work is not within your budget design templates are a great alternative. Here are four of the best for entrepreneurs.

Digital Magazine design template for entrepreneurs


This is your chance to sell a potential customer on your business. By presenting this information in a professional, attractive way, you will not only be proactive in answering any questions they have, but you’ll be able to build the confidence they need to book your services.


Pinterest Template Designs


Pinterest serves as an incredible driver of traffic to your website, IF people are drawn to click on your pins. This is much more likely to happen if they are visually appealing to your potential clients.


Instagram Stories Design Template for entrepreneurs

Instagram Stories

While instagram stories can feel a little overwhelming for business, they’re so crucial for audience engagement. One way to make this part of your social strategy easier is by using pre-created templates and just swapping in your own content. This way you’ll be able to present appealing visuals without too much work.


Welcome Doc Design Template for entrepreneurs

Welcome Packet

Give your client confidence in you and build their excitement about the project by sharing this welcome doc with them. Not only does give them reassurance about the quality of your business going into the project, but also gives you an opportunity to provide information they may need throughout the process.


Media Kit Design Template

Media Kit

Uplevel your brand and share information in a professional way. A beautifully designed media kit is the best way to sell yourself as a reliable expert in your industry.