Studio Review: The Space Between

June 18, 2019

June 18, 2019

My class at The Space Between was the best way to start my day. From the second I walked in, everyone was incredibly friendly and helpful in explaining how the studio works. The space was welcoming and cozy and you could sense the strong local community atmosphere they have built. The owner, instructor, and other clients all recognized and chatted with everyone that came in, which was awesome.


The Space

The studio space was so nice and relaxing, with low lighting, candles, and a hint of natural light coming in from outside. Yoga mats, towels, and blocks were not only provided, but already set up for you in your spot. This made the start of class so simple and calm. The infrared heat was at the perfect temperature, where I felt my muscles easily loosen, but I wasn’t spending the whole class thinking about how hot I was.


The Workout

The class was as equally as enjoyable as the space. In the Alive class with Maggie, the flow was perfectly paced. I didn’t feel like I was sprinting through every movement, but I also wasn’t struggling to hold a pose for an unbearable amount of time. As someone who is relatively new to the world of yoga, I appreciated the option to choose between basic and more advanced poses throughout the class.


This summer they’re also teaming up with Lululemon for a yoga summer series at Oak Street Beach every other Saturday morning, which I could not be more excited for now. Overall I’d definitely recommend checking this studio out. (And heads up: if you want to try The Space Between for yourself they are on classpass, making it super easy to check out.)