Studio Review: Train Moment

November 24, 2020

November 24, 2020

Talk about a love/hate relationship…

Going into the class all I heard about was how hard Train Moment was. It did not disappoint.


The Studio

Train Moment was started by a husband and wife team, one of which designed the space while the other designed the workout and what a great team they were. The space and branding is gorgeously sleek, clean, and strong. When walking in, you’re greeted by a nice lobby area, great for pre/post-class socializing, high ceilings, and friendly instructors. The high ceilings and modern vibe are carried in to the gym space. A row of versa climbers taunt me along one wall of the room while two other stations of weights fill the rest of the space. I find that any studio with dim or dramatic lighting tend to be a bit more intense, so you’ll understand my nerves as you walk into this moody space.


The Workout

While I joke about the impending doom I felt going in, it was a great workout. It was challenging for sure, but in a way that felt made me feel so accomplished when I left the room. The format of the workout was like many other interval classes, like Barry’s or Shred415. But, rather than being on a treadmill for the cardio portion you’re on a versa climber.

The versa climber is a whole other animal that I hadn’t experienced before this class. I can’t imagine being on it for an entire class, but the short sprint work we did at Train Moment was perfect. It was different than what I’m used to, which was a nice change of pace. There were two strength stations that you rotated through as well, one with free weights, and the other utilizing bands, kettle bands, and body weight. And just when you reach the point of exhaustion upon leaving class, you’re greeted by a refreshingly cold towel for your face, which is probably one of my favorite studio luxuries.


From the stunning studio (and locker rooms!) to the great workout, I’d recommend Train Moment to anyone to try at least once.


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(I visited Train Moment and wrote this post back in January when they opened – just forgot to post it until now!)