Milly Grey Movement

November 17, 2020

November 17, 2020

Liz Cuttica, corrective exercise specialist, barre instructor, and lululemon ambassador, is the brilliant owner of Milly Grey Movement. Through MGM’s branding and web design, I wanted to create a space that gives Liz’s audience a sense of the personal, safe, educational experience they’ll have when they work with her. Her clients need to feel understood and at ease before even booking her for a private session. Through the website, they’ll know that she is about so much more than just postpartum fitness – she’s about education and helping women understand their constantly changing bodies.

While designing her logos, branding, and website, I tried to strike the perfect balance between luxurious and playful. I created the logo with typography that felt unique, but refined in order to capture her audience with those special touches and the beauty in it’s simplicity.

To create a warm, inviting brand I pulled colors that feel rich, friendly, and airy. I love for the brand color palette and photography to feel cohesive so I was very intentional in my art direction for the photoshoot. 

And I loved conceptualizing the photography for the MGM brand. I focused on highlighting and celebrating a woman’s body, just as Liz does in her business. With the talented photographer, Andrew Glatt, we captured beautiful lines and curves that create a gorgeous, organic flow throughout the site. We also dove deeper into the idea of  these organic lines, by further distorting them with the reflection of a mirror. I think conceptually this also ties in to the distorted and confusing perspective a woman has of her own changing body through pregnancy and postpartum. 

For the website, I combined clean, contemporary layouts with this layered artistic photography to create a look that feels refreshing and professional.

I’m so excited by everything Liz has already built with Milly Grey Movement and can’t wait to see it grow!

“I have the most gorgeous website; I honestly can’t stop looking at it. It’s one of those “pinch me” moments/things.

She is a problem solver- she wanted to find out what my business needs are, who I cater to, and how she can help me reach those people in an organized and visually pleasing way.”

Liz, founder of Milly Grey Movement

Photography by Andrew Glatt.
Mockups from Moyo Studio.

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