Common Roadblocks in the Website Creation Process & How to Get Through Them

August 3, 2023

August 3, 2023

Figuring out how to change a template that doesn’t match your needs.

Oftentimes people select a template based only on aesthetic. While layout design is important, the template’s colors, fonts, and photos will change to match your brand anyways. What you should really be looking at is the site structure and content placeholders. 

THE SOLUTION: Get a template that already matches the structure you need. In the Fit-Pro Launch Lab, I’ve designed website templates specifically for fitness and wellness pros so it’ll be easy to just swap in your own copy and photos without a ton of rearranging. 

Actually finishing your site and hitting publish.

What tends to be the biggest sticking point for clients is the time between adding your content and hitting publish. You might not be in love with the overall look yet, but you’re not sure what to change (or simply don’t want to work on it anymore).

THE SOLUTION: Hand over the reigns. In the Fit-Pro Launch Lab I step in to do the final refinement FOR you so you can wrap things up and go live with confidence.

Making updates when your business has evolved and grown.

The fact that your business will change after launching your site is a good thing and a sign of growth! But with that comes the need for website updates. 

THE SOLUTION: Set yourself up for success from the start. By starting with the Fit-Pro Launch Lab you’ll continue to have lifetime access to video tutorials, monthly calls, the whole library of templates. So whether you have a question about updated strategy, a technical change, or the addition of a completely new page, you’ll maintain access to all the resources.

Other roadblocks often include deciding on a color palette, an on-demand platform, or a photographer. Spoiler alert, the solution is to get support. In the Fit-Pro Launch Lab, I’m alway happy to provide guidance on any roadblock so you can move through the process faster and with less frustration.