Fitness Website Features

Features to Include on Your Website as a Fitness Pro

August 25, 2020

August 25, 2020

The website of a fitness pro is going to be so different than that of any other professional. There are so many features that are unique to this industry, which is why I want to break them down and what they could look like here. 

The following are also all included in my website templates (coming in September), so be sure to sign up for the email list to get first access and discounts when they are launched. 


Fitness Site Feature- Class Schedule


Class Schedule

Help your die-hard students find you wherever you’re teaching in the city with a round up of your classes from each studio. Each sign up link can take them directly to the studio’s sign up page. 


Fitness Site Feature- On-Demand Classes


Online/Zoom/Patreon Class Sign Up

Just like your studio class schedule, your students can sign up for your online classes with links to your zoom url or patreon link. Rather than trying to track down the url in your IG captions or stories your website will serve as a hub for all your services.


Fitness Site Feature- Events & Retreats Page



Events and retreats, whether in-person or virtual, require a lot of details – way more than I’d recommend sharing over instagram. You can’t count on people reading your lengthy post for all the details. With this information on your website you can use instagram as the marketing tool for your event rather than the sole source of information.


Fitness Site Feature- Services



1:1 sessions, workshops, teacher training… How can students know to book services with you if they don’t even know everything you have to offer? That’s so much potential money left on the table. A services page is the perfect menu for potential clients to learn about all the ways they can work with you. 


Fitness Site Feature- Blog



The blog is a great place to share your knowledge and build trust with potential clients. This content could include anything from the proper form for a deadlift to pre-workout nutrition tips. Give them bits of information that is helpful to them. They’ll think, “If her free resources are this helpful, I can only imagine how awesome her paid services will be” ….and then they sign up to work with you. 


Fitness Site Feature- Instagram Links Mobile Page


Instagram Bio Links Page

I love a unique, strategic link-in-bio page. A landing page that is aesthetically pleasing and cohesive with your website. No more stacks and stacks of buttons that just feel overwhelming. There should be hierarchy and include only the most important links and call-to-actions. I’d recommend including your class schedule, link to an upcoming event or featured program, maybe your most recent blog post, and a link to your services. That’s it. 

Like all of the others, this IS included in my website templates, which I’m SO excited about because I’m sick of seeing mile long linktree pages. No shame – I was right there with you – but let’s take advantage of every opportunity to elevate a potential client’s experience.


Fitness Site Feature- Testimonial


LOTS of testimonials

Testimonials and referrals are the absolute best for making sales and converting new clients, which is why you should have a lot of testimonials strategically sprinkled throughout your website. These should NOT only be in one carousel on one page or on a page that only includes testimonials. We want your clients to see glowing reviews right as they’re considering signing up for your membership, booking a class, or buying your course.

When asking past clients for testimonials, provide pointed questions to get thorough impactful reviews. Ideally they’ll be able to provide tangible results they experienced after working with you or address and counter any objections a client may have about working with you. Obviously we can’t tell people what to say, but asking specific questions will make writing a review easier for them and will lead to better results for you.


A website might look a little different for someone in the fitness industry, but it can be such an incredible hub for your business.

 Lucky for you, all of these features are included in my website templates, which will be launching fall 2020. Claim first access and discounts to the shop by getting on the email list

And to prep your content, ready to swap in to your new website the second you get it, here’s a free content planning worksheet!


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