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Launch Your Website Even When You’re Crazy Busy

August 18, 2020

August 18, 2020

It’s 9 pm and you finally collapse onto your couch for a second of stillness after being up and crushing it since 4:30 in the morning. The sunrise is refreshing when you feel the energy in the first class you teach. The packed schedule is thrilling when you’re collaborating on a new idea for an event. The long nights of planning are worth it when you’re finally at the retreat you’re hosting. 

But you’re too busy doing ALL the things and communicating the million services you offer over instagram that there’s no time left to build the strategic website you need. One that would act as the hub for all the ideas and offers floating around in your head and various locations on the internet. 

That’s why today I’m breaking down how you can build a website even when you’re crazy busy. And why it’s probably more important now than ever.


Do you Really Need a Website?

Instagram is a marketing tool not a website.

You should absolutely be promoting your services and engaging with your clients and potential clients over instagram and maybe an email list. 

BUT that shouldn’t be the end destination for communication. 

Ultimately everything should be nicely organized and detailed further on your website. You want to make it easy for a potential client to go to your website and know very quickly when you teach classes, what events you have coming up, how they can work with you 1:1, etc. That can get very difficult if I have to search through old posts or stories to find the information. And I’m probably not going to search for that long. 

Not only do we want to make it as easy as possible for people to sign up for your services, but a website helps legitimize your business and look professional. Of course we’re not talking professional, like a lawyer or accountant needs to look professional on their website, but it needs to look like you take your business and your clients seriously. And that it’s not just some side hobby. 


Break it Down & it’s Simpler Than You Might Think

Building a website can feel very overwhelming, when you don’t know where to start or everything that’s involved in the process from the start. When extra steps keep popping up it’s easy to give up on it. That’s why I broke down the steps into a website launch checklist to give an overview of what’s involved so you’re prepared with each step. You can download the checklist for free here.


Website Launch Checklist


Outsource It

If you still don’t know how you could possibly make time for building a website, it’s probably time to consider outsourcing to some extent. 

Maybe that means buying a template that fits your needs so you can simply drop in your photos and content and hit publish. Coming this fall I’ll be launching a website template shop specially designed for fitness and wellness professionals. Jump on my email list to get first access and discounts to the shop. And if you have any suggestions for content you’d love to see on the templates I’d love to hear them

Or maybe it’s best for you to hire an expert or two to get the work completely off your plate so you can focus on your clients and the work you love. By hiring a designer and maybe a copywriting expert you can get a website completely customized to your needs without losing sleep. 

The biggest resistance I see to outsourcing is cost. But take a chance to evaluate your mindset on investing in your business if you want to see growth any time soon. I wrote a whole post about mindset shifts around outsourcing you could check out, but essentially I’d suggest you consider what would happen if you don’t outsource. Would the website ever get done? Or would it really be done in a way that is strategic to actually growing your business? 


It is absolutely possible to launch a website even if you feel like you have no time left in a day. It just takes a commitment to do so any way you can. 

I’d love to help you on your website launch journey, whether it’s through my template site shop or custom web design and development. Let’s chat about what would work best for you.


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