Uplift Pilates & Therapy

January 18, 2024

January 18, 2024

I’m so excited to share this recent branding and web design project for Uplift Pilates & Therapy.

In the logo, I created an icon that brings together shapes that loosely mirror the pelvic floor, a main focus of her training with clients. Its upward shape also represents the positive nature of her work and creates an UPLIFTing feeling. The typography direction features a sans serif font with unique characteristics, adding in a bit of personality to feel welcoming, but still clean and professional.

The web design utilizes colored backgrounds to stand out from others in the industry, iconography to help communicate a lot of information, and an overall clean, professional style to appeal to her target audience. It was also really fun to create a Polish version of the site! Check it out at upliftpilatesandtherapy.com.

PS. We built this semi-custom website using the Uitwaaien website template for fitness professionals. Check out Uitwaaien in the template shop to customize it for your brand.

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