2022 Recap & 2023 Goals

December 13, 2022

December 13, 2022

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Yearly review/celebration and goal setting season!

I’ll be breaking this down into business goals and fitness/wellness goals since those are typically my main areas of focus when it comes to goal setting and are probably the most relatable to you.


Worked with just one 1:1 client at a time

This was something I experimented with last year and went all in on for 2022. This format left so much space for creativity, stress-free days, and the ability to give every client my undivided attention. I never want to go back. Check out two of my favorite projects here and here.

Collaborated with complementary entrepreneurs

I loved the idea of creating a mini agency beyond design, by collaborating with other skilled entrepreneurs to truly elevate a clients’ brand and business all around. This year I collaborated with Kristen Geil on many projects for writing copy and SEO titles/descriptions. I also connected with others in the marketing space to include that as a package option as well. The projects that brought together all of these elements went so smoothly and created more impact for the brand.

Worked with 4 brick and mortar fitness studios

This was a big goal of mine for 2022 and I’m so glad it came to life this year because I loved these projects (see Together, Move Therapy, Studio47 Pilates, and one more coming soon)! Since the early days of group fitness, I’ve loved trying out new studios so it was really fun to help them create the best brand experience for their clients. This will be a big focus again in 2023 and going forward for 1:1 custom projects- so if you’re looking for a creative partner, rebrand, and website design I’m all in.

Grew Awareness for the Fit-Pro Launch Lab through Webinars & Podcasts

I was very focused and consistent at the beginning of the year about doing more webinars, guest workshops, and podcasts and it was so impactful in bringing more inquiries to my business. I fell off with this a bit in the second half of the year so I’ll definitely be bringing this back to the forefront of my marketing in 2023.

2023 Goals

Focus on Community.

For all of my clients, both 1:1 and those in the Fit-Pro Launch Lab, I love getting to work so closely together and following your journey well beyond the launch of your brand and website. So I made some goals and daily habits around instagram and slack (if you’re a client and not on our new slack, send me a message!) to make sure none of this falls through the cracks.

Become an ongoing creative partner for past clients (aka start offering retainers).

Like I just mentioned, I never want a client relationship to end. It’s so fun getting to continue designing under the brand strategy and website we just built so I’m starting to look towards supporting clients creatively beyond that initial project. This could include creative direction calls for help making creative decisions in your brand, regular website updates, instagram graphics, email layouts, studio graphics, etc. If you’d like to have a creative partner in your business, let’s chat about it!

Continue educating and building awareness through monthly webinars/podcasts.

This worked super well last year, so again I’m going to focus on finding groups and podcasts with a similar audience to reach out to.

Fitness & Wellness

The fitness goals didn’t go as planned this year, primarily due to an injury, but I still had fun and achieved some things I hadn’t originally planned on.

I did not end up running a half marathon (but loved the training)

This past spring I joined the Nike Windrunners for a second round of Find Your Fast, this time to train for a half marathon (which was perfect since that was on my list of goals for the year). I thoroughly enjoyed training with the 49 other women in this program and felt proud of my improvements in pace and distance before race day even hit. Unfortunately a knee injury prevented me from racing the full half, but you can be sure I’ll be signing up for another one as soon as I can.

Ran a sub 2-hour sprint triathlon

The goal I set at the beginning of the year was to complete a sub 3-hr olympic triathlon, but that same injury from the half marathon crept into triathlon season and caused a change of plans. So I aimed for a new goal in the Sprint and surpassed it, finishing in 1:51:56. I was honestly just happy to be out there racing at all this summer and had a lot of fun doing it.

2023 Goals

Fitness and wellness goals are looking a little different this year with our first baby due in May. So rather than goal races and times I’m primarily going to be focused on continuing to stay active and healthy for the rest of the pregnancy and safely returning to movement whenever I can postpartum. I don’t really know what that’s going to look like so we’ll just be playing this one by ear this year.

I always like to have these written and published on the blog to really put the goals out into the universe and keep myself accountable. If you are a fitness studio looking for a creative partner, new website, or brand reach out here. If you’re a fitness professional looking to elevate your website experience check out the Fit-Pro Launch Lab. Or if you have a podcast or a group of fitness professionals and you’d like to bring in an expert to share more about brand and web design, let’s connect!

Hope you all have an amazing 2023- it’s going to be a good one!