A mockup of the Showit platform

Why I Use Showit With All of My Clients

August 4, 2020

August 4, 2020

Like many other designers in 2015, my website portfolio lived on Squarespace. I simply plopped my photos into the template and it was fine, until it wasn’t. When there wasn’t a template that seemed to fit my needs anymore it felt like I was constantly fighting the platform to get what I wanted – without trying to figure out coding. 

As I got into web design more and realized the necessity for intentional strategic layouts, I wanted the ability for complete customization, which is exactly what I found with Showit


What is Showit?

Showit is a drag and drop website builder that gives you complete freedom to build and customize a website that’s perfect for you. 


No Coding & Easy Editing

Not only is there no coding required, but the editing is so easy and comprehensive. You have the ability to edit everything, from something as simple as the size of your photo to more advanced hover state settings. I love that I can start a client’s custom website from complete scratch to ensure their site will fit their exact needs. 


Custom Blog

One of the other great things about Showit is it’s integration with WordPress. Through Showit I’m able to design custom wordpress themes that allow my client to simply write and publish blog posts in wordpress and it will publish into their custom design. 


Membership Sites and WordPress Plugins 

Another benefit of Showit’s integration with WordPress is making use of WordPress plugins. This is so beneficial for adding membership or ecommerce components to a site. 


Layouts Optimized for Mobile

The last benefit (…that I’m listing here- there are so many!) is the ability to layout desktop and mobile designs separately since each experience is so different. It can be frustrating to not have control over how a website show ups on mobile- but not with Showit. 


If you’re unfamiliar with web design you might not be customizing Showit sites to the extent that I would, but Showit’s accessibility also allows room for so many template options out there that are customized for someone in your industry. 

The Fit-Pro Launch Lab includes website templates built specifically for professionals in the fitness and wellness industry.