Bun Undone

May 13, 2021

May 13, 2021

So excited to launch the new branding for wellness blogger, Bun Undone (and celebrate Bun Undone’s 4-year anniversary)! Morgan is so fun and sweet so I knew her brand couldn’t be anything less.

When creating the new branding, a big focus was refreshing the fonts to feel a bit cleaner and more modern. The sharper edges of the main san serif create a nice contrast to the handwritten accent.

To maintain the playful, feminine style of the previous logo, I updated it with a handwritten font that felt a little more natural and less trendy than the original bouncy calligraphy. I wanted to incorporate lettering that feels real and written to capture that “undone” nature of the Bun Undone brand.

Brand photography by Paige Babilla

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