Client Launch: Dance2Happy

May 19, 2021

May 19, 2021

Dance2Happy is a high-end, joyful Zumba® studio that helps people reduce their symptoms of anxiety, build confidence, and feel good after every class.

While developing the concept for the dance2happy logos I focused on how we can represent the high energy music and dancing that brings happiness to their students. I began with a font that has a lot of character and a friendly feel. Then I manipulated the letterforms to follow a playful, energetic curve.

The minimal sunburst brings in an additional sense of joy, referencing rays of sunshine or a burst of confetti. We focused on stimulating joy through the subtle bounciness, as well portraying the high quality nature of the brand through the refined design.

Through a color palette mixing pops of color + neutrals and refined designs we wanted to communicate dance2happy’s uniquely high quality approach that not only provides a fun option for self care, but delivers consistent results.

That consistency, created through intentionally selected empowering music and choreography, is what sets dance2happy apart. I wanted to make sure the brand & website reflected just that.

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