Hurdle Podcast

August 6, 2021

August 6, 2021

I’ve been a longtime fan of the Hurdle podcast so it was so fun to be able to collaborate with Emily to redesign her site. Hurdle is so much more than an awesome wellness-focused podcast. It’s a thriving community and space for encouragement and motivation. We wanted to showcase that in the website design, while featuring the latest episodes, educational Hurdle Sessions, live events, and merch.

AND as part of the collaboration with Emily, I’ve added a new template to the site shop based on her website design for any podcasters looking to refresh their digital space. It was so fun designing with podcast content in mind and I can’t wait to see others make this layout their own!

Head to the site shop and check out the Gökotta template. And check out the full Hurdle website at

Thanks to developer, Erin Fitzsimmons for bringing the design to life on Squarespace.

Mockups from Moyo Studio

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